Best Products to Sell in Women’s Clothing Niche

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In this article, you’ll get a first look at 10 trending products to sell in the women’s clothing niche in 2019. What’s more, I’ll tell you why these products are trending. Plus I’ll tell you what marketing strategies will work when it comes time to sell these products.

If you’re not interested in selling women’s clothing online, don’t click that back button just yet. You may be leaving a lot of money on the table.

According to a 2018 CNBC survey, there is a gender gap in e-commerce. This suggests that women may be more likely to shop online than men. Some stats support this.

For example, Only 33% of women feel the need to shop in-store to touch and feel a product, versus 44% of men. And 40% of women frequently shop on mobile devices, versus 20% of men.

With Shopify and Spocket, you can build a store and start selling a product like that in just a few hours. No inventory necessary. But there are two keys to success in the dropshipping model:

  1. You have to find the right product
  2. You have to get really good at e-commerce.

I’ll show you how to find the right products today. But to get really good at e-commerce, make sure you hit subscribe to get free lessons.

Alright, let’s get started with the list of the best dropshipping products to sell in the women’s clothing niche.

1. Seamless Sports Bra

Best Products to Sell in Women’s Clothing Niche

Let me start by saying that this product breaks all the rules. Usually, I recommend unique dropshipping products, like dog raincoats. Seamless sports bras aren’t unique. Customers can find them in the store down the street.

So why am I recommending it? Because the data proves that this product sells. According to Spocket supplier you can buy this product for $7 + $5 one time shipping fee for US.

But what is the biggest selling point?

Thanks to Spocket, you can find suppliers who has warehouses in US, EU, China to reduce your shipping times like this one. Thus, you will have fast shipping advantage and happy customers.

2. Long Cardigan

Best Products to Sell in Women’s Clothing Niche

Once again, this cardigan sells because it comes in sizes that shoppers just can’t find in stores. Let’s take a look. It is available in sizes S to 3XL. This particular cardigan is available for $11.99 plus $4 for first and $2 for after each product for shipping fee which means you can price it at $22.99. That way you can still make a profit, even if you spend money on ads.

But if you sell this cardigan, you don’t actually have to spend money on ads. Instead, reach out to Instagram influencers, like fashion bloggers who have over 50,000 followers. Offer them compensation to take a picture wearing your cardigan and tag your store in their post. Followers will likely post comments like “I need this” or “I want this” in the post’s comment section. That’s probably advice you’ve heard before. But this next part isn’t.

When followers post comments, reply or send them a DM to let them know your store carries the cardigan. And on the day the influencer posts about your store, change the URL in your Instagram bio to that exact product page featuring the cardigan. That way, customers clicking your Instagram bio link find -and buy- the cardigan quickly. I’ve got more marketing tips coming your way with the next product.

3. Knit Turtleneck Sweater

Knit turtleneck sweater

This fashion item is unique. It provides the ventilation of a wrap with the stay-put cosiness of a sweater. It’s available for $12.39, which means you can sell it for $21.28 and pocket the difference. For the beauty of dropshipping is that you don’t have to sell to customers in your own country. In this case, use Instagram and Facebook ads to target customers in colder climates.

For example, in the spring, the US and northern countries begin warming up. But the weather in Australia and New Zealand is cooling down. Shoppers in those countries are looking for sweaters, so target ads towards them to get sales.

4. Lightweight Coat

Lightweight coat

It’s the lightweight coat. This is a coat that’s thick enough to keep women dry during spring showers, but thin enough to keep women cool when the sun comes back out. It’s the perfect clothing item to sell in the spring or fall when the weather is prone to change from hot to cold on the same day.

While the coat itself costs $23.15, keep in mind that women are used to spending $50 to $100 for outerwear. You can sell it for $81.94 and still be competitive with other women’s clothing brands.

Remember: When you add a product from Spocket to your Shopify store, you should always edit the product name and description. And what you call this lightweight coat matters.

Google trends parka

For example, the supplier calls this coat a parka. But as you can see in Google Trends, nobody is shopping for a parka after February.

On the other hand, if you type in trench coat…

Google trends trench coat

You see a bump in consumer interest in trench coats around March and April. Bottom line: Names matter. Call a product like this a trench coat in the spring and a parka in the winter. That way, you can seize sales all year round.

5. Shapewear

Best Products to Sell in Women’s Clothing Niche

Whether a woman has just given birth or has put on a few extra pounds, she may feel uncomfortable with the appearance of her stomach. As a result, she might turn to a product like shapewear to feel slimmer under her clothes. Wearing shapewear underneath clothing helps tighten the appearance of your tummy and helps create a slimming silhouette.

This particular product sells well because it’s available from sizes S to 5XL. That’s helpful because shapewear shoppers are more likely to wear bigger sizes.

Now, there’s a trick to advertising this product on Facebook. When you create your Facebook ads, target women whom Facebook classifies as New Parents. That way, your ads will get in front of women who may feel self-conscious about their midsection after giving birth. Shapewear can help them fit into their clothing without buying a new wardrobe or spending hours at the gym.

6. Beanies

Best Products to Sell in Women’s Clothing Niche

Beanies have a lot of colour options for customers and women like to wear it. The peak season for this product will be in the winter months, so target customers in the southern hemisphere from May to August, and to customers in the northern hemisphere from September onwards.

And here’s a tip: when the weather gets warm in either hemisphere, target the exact same customers, but offer a different product in women’s clothing niche.

7. Color Block Sweatshirt

Color block sweatshirt

One of the biggest women’s clothing trends in 2019 is colour blocking. This design consists of various blocks of colours or patterns within a single item of clothing. You can sell this sweater for $48.30 and keep over $30 per sale.

Since this is a popular fashion trend, the easiest way to draw attention to is to create a “Trends” category in your website’s top navigation. Then add this colour block sweater, and other colour block clothing, in that section of your store.

The cool thing about this is that if customers love a specific trend like colour block, they may buy multiple products with the same design. That will help you increase your average order value and make more money per checkout.

8. Leather Jacket

Yellow leather jacket

With over 360,000 monthly searches for “leather jacket,” it’s safe to say that this an evergreen fashion trend. But for 2019, two leather jackets, in particular, will sell really well.

When it comes to building a brand on Instagram, remember that not every post has to be about your products. So if you sell these leather jackets, post content about how to style outfits with leather jackets, and how to care for leather jackets. If that sounds like a lot of content, don’t worry: you don’t have to create it all yourself. You can repost Instagram content that others create. Just ask for permission first.

9. Kimono

Best Products to Sell in Women’s Clothing Niche

Indian patterns crop up every spring and summer. Shoppers are always looking for a new way of the patterns, and that’s why this kimono works.

This kimono costs $15, and from US which means you can deliver in week. That means you can price it at $26.39 and make a profit even after spending a few bucks on Facebook ads.

If you do create Facebook ads, remember this tip: Make sure your ads link to back to the product page, not your store homepage. If you send customers to your home page, they’ll have to navigate around to find the product they saw in the ad. You want to make it as easy as possible to find what they want and click buy.

10. Padded Swimwear

Best Products to Sell in Women’s Clothing Niche

It’s padded swimwear. Here’s what I love about this trend. Usually, by the time most people figure out fashion trends, there’s already tons of competition. But this trend hasn’t peaked yet. It definitely will, though.

So how do you market padded swimwear?

Identify Instagram influencers who post a lot of beach photos. Offer to pay them to change their Instagram bio link to your padded bikini set product page. The secret is to get them to add a UTM tag, so you’ll know exactly which influencer is bringing you sales. That way, you’ll know whether to work with them in the future or not.

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