How to Start Affiliate Marketing Business – Get Daily $500 Passive Income

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How to make $500 passive income with affiliate marketing

I’m going to be breaking down how to make $500 in day and what promotional methods that you should use. I’m also going to be giving you tips on how you can start making money from affiliate marketing as well. In fact, there may even be a way that you can start making money from it today.

There are three major products that you can promote and recommend.

1. Start Shopify Affiliate Marketing

First one is Shopify. For those of you that don’t know, Shopify is a platform that lets you create professional-looking your easy to use e-commerce sites in less than an hour.

Shopify affiliate income

As you can see here are two payouts from Shopify for April. The first was $5,437. The second was for $4,834. So in total, that means that made $10,271 from Shopify affiliate commissions in April.

The Shopify affiliate program has a pretty high commission rate.

Shopify start affiliate marketing

They pay you %100 for the first two months that someone is subscribed to the platform. Most people subscribe to their $29 a month plan as that is the one that I recommend for most sellers. So, if someone clicks on an affiliate link and they purchase a Shopify plan for $29, that means you will get $29 for their first month, and if they stay subscribed for a second month then you will get an additional $29 commission. However if they continue to stay subscribed you do not get commissions beyond this the sticky rate.

For people staying beyond two months with Shopify is incredibly high. To be honest with you this isn’t a surprise because it is a genuinely really great platform to build an e-commerce store worth.

Tip #1:
Only Promote the Best Products as an Affiliate Marketer

If you email to people and push promoting the products, you turn almost everyone down. Because only pushing mails is not an good email marketing strategy. If we promoted the products, you might make some money with them, but this is very short-term thinking.

Firstly you should believe that you have an ethical obligation to only recommend the best products. People genuinely trust us and we want to make good on that trust. That’s an important point, isn’t it?

If you recommend bad products that don’t help people, then understandably people are going to stop trusting you and your recommendations. So even if ethics isn’t going to stop you from promoting bad products, keep in mind the in the long term if you promote bad products and people will stop trusting you, and ultimately your business is going to fail. Promoting bad products so that you can get some money is very short-term thinking, you will get some money right now but you will ruin your reputation for the future.

Main way to earn $500 in day is step-by-step tutorials you can create for Shopify. You can create video tutorials about AliExpress dropshipping store from start to finish. And in the video descriptions you will add an affiliate link. If someone clicks on this link and purchase as a Shopify trail you get a commission from that sale.

Here is something that is very important, make your link description super clear that link and please note that is an affiliate link. You may create ad free YouTube videos and tell the people “It is for you follow our tutorials easily, and affiliate links are the our only income”

Tip #2:
Be Very Clear and Honest With Your Affiliate Disclaimers

Firstly, I do genuinely believe that being clear and honest with affiliate disclosures is something that you have an ethical obligation to do for your subscribers even if it wasn’t required. But actually it is required now if you don’t put the disclaimer in the video, you have to make it very clear that the link is an affiliate link.

US affiliate agreement

And the USA FTC regulates that sort of thing but most countries have similar laws that will obligate you to have to be open and honest with disclosures. While you don’t have to be as blatant and upfront with your affiliate disclosures, I’ve found that people actually genuinely appreciate it and people might use our affiliate link more as a result.

People can actively choose to use your affiliate link as a way to essentially tip you and thank you for creating and uploading free tutorials.

2. Start iPage Affiliate Marketing

Start IPage affiliate marketing

So, second products that you can promote and got commissions for is iPage. For those of you that are not iPage is a web hosting platform.

It’s true that iPage isn’t the most fully featured but it was the cheapest web hosting solution that did all of the things that we needed to complete and get a store up and running smoothly.

IPage Affiliate income

Taking a look at April earnings report. You can see that earned $1575 in commissions.

The iPage program has an insanely high commission rate.

IPage gives up to $150

You actually get $150 per sale. Even though the customer pays just a fraction of that for their yearly hosting. Super high Commission’s like this are incredibly common in the web hosting industry, and that’s because they expect customers to stay with them for many years. So they view each customer as being very valuable. Actually this leads me to my third tip.

Tip #3:
Don’t Just Promote a Product

Because it makes you the most money. A common question can be “Should I follow your Shopify tutorial to set up a store or should I follow your WooCommerce tutorial to start up a store?”

Now, if we want to earn the most money, what we would answer obviously WooCommerce. Because it has the highest commission. However I don’t usually recommend working this, and in fact, recommend Shopify to the vast majority of people.

Well, it’s because Shopify is a far more beginner friendly platform and mostly beginners watch the videos. Now, don’t get me wrong you will continue to make WooCommerce tutorials because your more advanced viewers would request. But for most people when they come to you and ask “What should I use?”, you would continue to recommend Shopify.

If you recommend the best product for them that they will trust you in the long run. Again it’s short term money versus long term money. So that’s my third tip, let’s move on to third product and that is Jungle Scout.

3. Start Jungle Scout Affiliate Marketing

Jungle scout affiliate marketing

For those of you that don’t know, scout is a tool that helps you track top-selling products on Amazon. So that you can use that data to figure out what product that you should be selling.

Jungle scout affiliate income

As you can see in April received a payout for $3,269. Again, you can go for video tutorials which show people how to use the app to identify products that would be good for them to private label and sell on Amazon. Of course have your affiliate disclaimers in your videos, and include your affiliate links in the video description.

Jungle Scout actually has pretty low filly eight commission payouts by industry standards.

Jungle scout payment

You get 20% of sales on the chrome extension and one month worth for the web app.

So that’s how you can make your money. But you’re probably wondering:

How can you start making money from affiliate marketing?

Well, first of all if you have a dropshipping store, you might be able to use it to start making affiliate marketing commissions with your store today. Starting an affiliate marketing strategy is one of the fastest ways that I immediately add money to any dropshipping store that I am working with. It’s kind of like magic.

If you’re reading this though and you don’t have a store but you want to start making money from affiliate marketing, here is a three-step process to follow.

Step #1:
Identify a Topic that You are an Expert

If you are an expert in a topic, then you can share your expertise with others. And over time, your followers will come to trust you and your product recommendations. I do however recommend that before you begin you make sure but there are affiliate offers in your area of expertise, and the biggest online marketplace for a fully offers is Clickbank.

Start clickbank affiliate marketing

Go there and see if there are any products in your niche. You’d be surprised at how many niches have affiliate products.

You can also find products to promote on Amazon using their affiliate program too.

Start amazon affiliate marketing

But to be honest with you, I don’t really recommend the Amazon affiliate program. Most of the products that you promoting on Clickbank have an average commission rate of about 50% whereas on Amazon the commission rate is more like 4 – 10 which is much worse.

Step #2
Provide Lots of Free and Valuable Content For Your Niche

Build up a website or a social platform with followers by posting free valuable advice for your niche. Over time, they will learn to trust you because you have proved that you are an expert in it. You don’t just have to create a YouTube channel. The truth is a YouTube channel is a lot of work. Each of those tutorials takes literally months to create. A much easier way is to build up a following on Instagram, Facebook or even by setting up your own blog like me.

Step #3
Use Your Platform to Recommend Helpful Products

Remember when you start affiliate marketing, your goal is to help people. Then, you will find it a lot more easier to make money in the long run. If you are building up a following then make sure that providing free valuable content is your number one goal.    

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