4 Popular Watches To Sell Online

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4 Popular Watches To Sell Online

Whether you’re a dropshipper, an e-commerce entrepreneur, or simply curious by nature, there’s nothing quite like stumbling upon an exciting product that you can sell online. What am I looking for? Products that are likely to sell fast -Watches. I also share tried and tested marketing methods for getting those sales.

Today I’ve selected a fantastic niche for dropshipping. One that consistently ranks in the top ten dropshipping products year on year. Most products in this niche cost under 5 dollars. They ship with epacket. They come in countless iterations. And they’re timeless.

You got it: mechanical wristwatches. There is a buzzing online market for inexpensive, fun, handsome, quirky, novel, personalized, you-name-it timepieces. And I’ve picked out a handful to show you today. All of the watches you‘re about to see can be dropshipped via Oberlo. They are all supplied by Oberlo Verified Suppliers, and they all cost under five dollars, which means one thing: higher profits for you, the merchant.

If you’re about toset up an online store, then pay attention: this could be a product idea that works for you. Mechanical wristwatches have been around for centuries. They’re extremely popular accessories for people all over the world and of all ages. People buy watches to commemorate special occasions, to give to loved ones, to express their style, and to stay on time.

So let’s take a look at some examples to see why.

1- The Pineapple Watch

How to sell watches online

It has a gold coloured case with gold coloured hands on a white dial, and it comes with a quality leather strap. And then there are the pineapples spread all over the dial. They give this classic model a fresh twist that consumers will find it hard to say no to.

It’s an ideal product for attracting impulse buyers, as this kind of watch is not something seen very often. That means it will stand out in Facebook ad campaigns.

Facebook ad campaigns which target, say: young people with disposable incomes; people who have been searching for watches and jewellery online. People are going on summer vacation.

2- Geneva Dress Watch

How to sell watches online

This wristwatch is sleek, modern, and trendy. It calls to mind the stylish timepieces of Daniel Wellington, for example. While you might not be able to beat DW on brand awareness, you can certainly undercut the Swedish giant on price with a watch like this.

It also comes with a Nato strap, which is a strap that is very easy to exchange without the help of a trained watchmaker. If you sell watches like this, you might think about selling Nato straps too. Nato straps are a great secondary product to offer in your store to complement the range of watches you have.

3- Quartz Analog Watch

How to sell watches online

This type is better suited for more masculine wrists. The large, tall case speaks to more to male aesthetics, and if we turn it over we see the engraving “stainless steel back”, so you know this watch can handle itself.

Inside that case is a quartz movement, also known as a calibre. This is the technical term for the mechanism inside that enables the watch to keep time. Watch buyers will expect to know what kind of movement is inside the models you sell, so make sure you include the words “quartz movement” in your store when you list your products.

Quartz watches keep outstandingly accurate time and typically lose zero point zero two seconds a day, which is no bother to the wearer, and much better than the accuracy of other types of watches.

You can sound this smart too when it comes to writing product descriptions for your online watch store. All it takes is a little research and some editing of your supplier’s copy. And when it comes to copy, it’s essential you include some information that your customers will crave.

Like the diameter of the watch and its height; how water resistant it is, which is measured in ATM; the colour of the dial, case, hands, and strap. You might think that those things are obvious to the eye and unnecessary, but here’s where you can put your brand personality front and centre.

You could describe this watch as large. But if your brand is all about tough, resistant timepieces that can withstand the strains of everyday life, you might also describe it as a tank watch, for example. Ultimately it’s up to you how you use this opportunity to gain sales.

How to sell watches online

Here is a pro tip:
When choosing or taking marketing images for your watches, you’re going to want to see the hands set to 10 past 10 – this is the watch industry norm, and it is the best way of showing off your selection of watches at their smiling best.

4- Cute Cat Dial Watch

How to sell watches online

This joyful accessory for the wrist comes with a novelty dial that will leave feline watch fans, feline fine indeed. The eye-catching design is sure to turn heads during ad campaigns, and it’s so unlike other watches on the market that it’s another one that is ideal for capturing those impulse buyers.

As with most of the products we’ve seen today, this cute cat dial watch comes in a range of dial and strap colours, meaning more choice for your store, and more choice for your customers.

Watches are very popular products among influencers, particularly on Instagram. Using Instagram influencers is how many young watch brands make a name for themselves. And getting started is often easier than you think. Many of these influencers will be happy to create a post or campaign for you in exchange for a watch.

That’s hardly going to put a sizeable dent in your budget, is it?
And in return, your watches are on the right wrists and looking cool, instantly.

Lastly, here are 5 popular hashtags you definitely should be using for you Instagram watch promotions:

  • #WatchesofInstagram
  • #Watch of the day
  • #Wristporn
  • #Watchmania
  • #WOMW, which means watch on my wrist.

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