How to Sell and Market Oil Diffusers Online

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How to Sell Oil Diffusers Online

In the past six months, nearly three thousand people bought today’s featured product. I’m getting all misty-eyed just thinking about that kind of profit. Can you guess what it is?. Oil Diffusers. I’ll tell you why oil diffusers are popular and how you can start selling them. I’ll even give you the exact sales numbers for the oil diffuser.

Oil diffusers have emerged as an alternative to the scented candle. And they’re a hit. These bad boys are flame free and 100% safe. They simply pump out billowing plumes of fresh, fragrant water that make rooms smell pleasant. All you need to do to work one is fill it with a small amount of water, a few drops of scented oil, and then plug it into an electrical socket.

1- Why Oil Diffusers Are Trending

In 2016, an American market research firm called Kline valued the home fragrance market at an enormous $6.4 billion business at the retail level. Simply put, a lot of people are willing to spend a lot of money to make their home smell pleasant. And diffusers not only make your home smell good, but they also make it look good too. Their sleek shapes help them stand out from other home fragrance products, like liquid electricals, plug-ins, sprays, and scented candles.

If you’re interested in selling oil diffusers, there are three things to keep in mind when setting up your store.

Oil Diffusers Are Seasonal

Google trends
Google Trends: oil diffuser

A search for ‘oil diffuser’ on Google Trends reveals that searches for this product begin increasing in September and reach their peak at Christmas. Whatever the reason, the interesting thing to note is that every year since 2014, the number of searches for oil diffusers around the holidays has gotten higher and higher.


You’re going to want to watch out for typos and inaccuracies when it comes to listing these products in your online store. That’s because the terminology is important in seizing upon the oil diffuser search volume. People are searching for oil diffusers—not air, not home diffusers, and not even a common misspelling, oil … diffuser? That’s oil diffuser with one ‘f’. So make sure all of your product descriptions make it clear that you’re selling oil diffusers.

Essential Oils

If you sell oil diffusers, remember to sell the essential oils that go with them. Essential oils are great for re-engaging customers. If someone has already purchased your oil diffuser, you can email them every time you add new essential oil to your store. This gives customers a new reason to come back to your store and make another purchase.

But perhaps we should back up a minute. How do you get people to buy oil diffusers in the first place?

If you’re running Facebook ads, you’re going to want to target people interested in holistic health and aromatherapy.

In the U.S., this market tends to be mostly women over the age of 35. The great news about this demographic is that they tend to be more responsive to Facebook ads than the average Facebook user. Among all Facebook users, the median number of ads clicked is 13. Among people interested in holistic health and aromatherapy, it’s 42.

Now for some sales numbers! This particular oil diffuser is available from Oberlo Supplier Armor Houseware. It’s easy on the eye and the nose. And the people who have purchased it online agree. It has an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars, from a whopping one thousand one hundred and thirty customer reviews.

How to Sell Oil Diffusers Online oberlo

Here we see that in the last month, forty customers purchased this exact oil diffuser. And this section here shows us the same data but for the previous six months. In total, dropshippers sold 2776 of these oil diffusers in the past six months.

Do you smell that?
It’s the sweet aroma of dropshipping success.

I pulled these numbers from Oberlo’s new product statistics.

Data points like this were generated by Oberlo to bring merchants intelligent information. They’ll help you make smarter product decisions when you import items into your store. These are really helpful. So I encourage you to go and have a rummage around in the Oberlo marketplace to see for yourself!

2- Marketing

For online customers, you might like to film a demo of your oil diffusers in action and upload it to YouTube. Some people may not understand how this product works, especially if they’re used to candles or plug-in fragrances. Reduce any barriers to purchase by showing potential customers how easy it is to use oil diffusers.

If you’re marketing this product on social media, you’re in luck. Oil diffusers are stylish products, and therefore well suited for Instagram promotion Instagram yields some interesting insights into who is buying these oil diffusers—and, relatedly, which Instagram influencers are comfortable promoting them.

If you sell particularly pretty oil diffusers, consider reaching out to interior design influencers. If your oil diffusers are more functional, get in touch with mommy influencers on Instagram, who might be happy to recommend a product that makes their hectic homes smell heavenly.

When posting your own Instagram content, keep in mind that the hashtag #oildiffuser isn’t nearly as popular as related Instagram hashtags, such as #aromatherapy and #essentialoils.

Hint: #essentialoilsrock is a great hashtag because it’s got one hundred thousand posts—it’s popular enough that others follow it but not so popular that your posts will be completely lost in the mix.

Try using the popular Instagram app Boomerang. Boomerang is a free app. Use the app to create mini videos that loop back and forth. with one click, you can share them on Instagram and many other channels.

Boomerang is super simple to use: Open it up, tap the boomerang button once, and the app does the rest by shooting a burst of 10 photos before turning them into an eye-catching mini video.

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