How to Start Selling Makeup and Beauty Products Online

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How to Start Selling Makeup and Beauty Products Online

Today I am hoping to catch your eye with product suggestions from a category that gets an incredible amount of orders in the dropshipping universe. And I’m just tickled pink to tell you all about it. Today we are taking a look at beauty and makeup products. This is a niche that gets lots of dropshipping orders.

Today we will look into these 4 topics:

  1. Why sell makeup and beauty products?
  2. Awesome makeup and beauty products
  3. Sales and marketing essentials
  4. Bonus product recommendation

Let’s get started!

1. Why Sell Makeup and Beauty Products

So first, let’s look at the data. In 2016 the United States beauty and cosmetics market was worth $60 billion. This figure is set to increase by 50 per cent by 2020, reaching an eye-popping $90 billion, making the US the biggest market for cosmetics in the world. But the popularity of these products isn’t limited to the States, they travel really well too.

How to Start Selling Makeup and Beauty Products Online

Beauty and health products are number one for orders in huge markets like the UK, Germany, and Brazil.

In addition, makeup and beauty generate a lot of revenue for Oberlo merchants: These products rank in the top five for GMV in nine of the ten biggest markets––only Italy doesn’t feature here.

To put it short and sweet: This is a niche with immense drop shipping potential. And now we’re going to look at how you can tap into that potential with a couple of product recommendations.

2. Awesome Makeup and Beauty Products

makeup brushes

To begin, here is 10-piece gold makeup brush set. The handles on these brushes are easy to grip while the bristles are soft to the touch and blend powders with ease––just what a customer would expect from a quality makeup brush, which is probably why this set has an average of 4.7 stars out of 5 from almost 2,000 customer ratings.

makeup brush set oberlo

Beauty items like this can sell really well, as we see from the order counts for this particular brush set over the last 30 days and 6 months.

But what those figures don’t tell you is when and why they are selling well. That’s why we always encourage you to dig a little deeper when you see a product with interesting product statistics like this.

How can you do that?

Google Trends is a fast and simple way of checking online interests in a certain search term, or in our case, a product. It reveals when interest in that product hits its peak.

google trends

If we use Google Trends to check in on makeup brushes, we can identify a clear consumer trend. Makeup brush sets our perennial holiday bestsellers. When the interest for a product peaks around these times, it usually means customers are purchasing these items as gifts. A makeup brush is a good gift because it’s simple yet useful.

Most importantly, the receiver of the brush is less likely to find an objection than they are if they receive lipstick in a colour that they do not normally use.

This kind of insight from Google Trends is invaluable for your marketing efforts. It helps you identify when in the year you should raise your ad spending.

google trends

We see a similar trend for this electric eyelash curler. Google Trends shows us that interest in this product is pretty steady all year round. The holiday season spikes are less pronounced than they are for the makeup brush set, but they are nonetheless there.

How to Start Selling Makeup and Beauty Products Online

This electric eyelash curler is a time-saving interpretation of the conventional eyelash curler––simply switch it on and warm up the safe heated curling plates and then use the curler to add shape and volume to natural eyelashes.

Costing $10 you’ll need to price this eyelash curler a little higher to keep your profit margins healthy. And it complements the makeup brush set which costs roughly $3–$4.

Why not sell both in your beauty and makeup store, using ads to see what sells better?

In October, National Retail Federation forecasted a strong holiday shopping season in 2018. Retail sales in November and December are expected to grow by between 4.3% and 4.8%.

Now if you want in on that action, then there are tons more products like the brush sets and the eyelash curler on Oberlo. You just have to rummage around and make sure to use the Oberlo product statistics when you do your research.

3. Sales and Marketing Essentials

Alright, if you do decide to sell makeup and beauty products online, there are a few essential tips that I recommend you follow. These kinds of products are all about helping customers to look and feel good, so your online store should match that sentiment too. Read this article I wrote about 5 of the best Shopify stores that sell in the health and beauty niche. You can read the article in 4 minutes, and it’s full of great marketing tips and design guidance for creating a beautiful online business. It also includes a peek into Kim Kardashian’s online store. Once you’ve seen what the creme de la creme are doing to get sales to come back here and take a look at online store themes made available to Oberlo merchants on Shopify.

Shopify Theme Recommendation

I have 3 themes to recommend that are ideal for creating a beautiful business online.

  1. Pop (free)
  2. Handy
  3. Mr Parker

They specialize in different aspects of beauty and makeup e-commerce.

Handy app

For example, the handy theme is optimized for mobile and small screen users. Hit the links below to see which of them meets your online store needs.

Shopify App Recommendation

There are some awesome Shopify apps that you can use to attract customers into filling their carts with your products. One of my favourites is perfect for merchants selling makeup. It gives your customers to chance to quote-unquote “experience your products in your online store.”

Makeup Magic Mirror app

The Makeup Magic Mirror allows customers to try on cosmetics before buying virtually. This is an awesome way of increasing conversions for products like lipstick, eyeshadow, blush, foundation, and many more it removes a barrier to purchase that online consumers face, allowing them to try before they buy.

I have one last app to recommend before I tell you about a beauty and makeup product that has great potential for dropshippers.

Over 70% of Americans say they look at product reviews before making a purchase, and it is probably most true in the beauty industry.

yotpo app shopify

Yotpo is a free social proof boosting app that collects reviews, photos, and question and answers from your customers. It also helps drive high intense traffic by displaying ratings in organic search results on Google.

That’s an excellent marketing tool for any merchant to get their hands on.

4. Bonus Product Recommendation

Now all that’s left is for me to reveal an up and coming product recommendation that you can import into your store right in time for the holidays. It’s the perfect item to complement stores that sell makeup brushes.

How to Start Selling Makeup and Beauty Products Online

It’s the silicone makeup brush cleaner. This product is selling like sweet silicone hotcakes, and with the upcoming holidays, sales can be set to rise even further. If you import it into your makeup and beauty store I suggest using the makeup brush cleaner as a free gift item––at around $1.50 it’s mega cheap and when the holiday season is over you can upsell this silicone bad boy to anyone who buys makeup brushes.

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