How To Start Inflatable Toys Business Online

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Start Inflatable Toys Business Online

Don’t you just hate it when you’re in a swimming pool, having the time of your life, but no inflatable pink flamingo is floating around to hold your beverage? So, creating a business to sell inflatable toys might be a good idea.

I’m also going to share tried and tested marketing methods for getting those sales. They are all available with e-Packet shipping. It’s another great niche for dropshipping. It’s a product with fast shipping times.

Inflatable Toys Business

Inflatable toys business is especially well-suited to students who want to start a dropshipping side hustle.

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Students usually have plenty of free time throughout summer. And that’s the season when sales of inflatable beach products skyrocket.

If you’re seeking to start an online business that requires your time for only a few months of the year, then this might be it.

What do I mean when I say inflatables?
Inflatable Toys Oberlo

I’m talking about beach balls, pool loungers, drinks holders, sports games – anything you can take to the beach or pool or park and blow up with your own mouth. They are made from environmentally friendly PVC and come in a range of fun shapes and characters.

So, why do inflatable beach products like this sell well?

When you dropship inflatables, you have the comfort of starting a low-risk business. This is a seasonal niche, but thanks to the dropshipping model, you won’t ever need to hold onto an inventory of beach inflatables during the spring, fall, and winter. Simply fire up your online business during the summer months and start selling.

But this kind of product is not limited to the summer season in the US only. You can run flash sales to keep customers coming back to your store during colder months. And once summer rolls around again, just price your inflatables as you would normally.

And let’s not forget, when it’s winter in the northern hemisphere, it is summer in the southern hemisphere. So, in theory, you can sell these products online all year round.

Inflatable Toys reviews amazon

Speaking of selling: this niche is a great option for your online store because it comes with so many positives that you can communicate with your audience. This lightweight product is no hassle to carry around in a suitcase, and thanks to its convenient sizing, it’s eligible for fast e-Packet shipping. That means customers in the US can enjoy faster delivery times.

On top of this, inflatables go hand in hand with fun, sun, sea or the pool – in other words, something everybody wants more of vacation time. With this in mind, marketing your inflatable product range should be a joy!

Not just for your customers, but you too. Find product images that convey blue skies and sunshine – when you brighten up your customers’ days, they’ll be in a great mood, and perhaps more likely to make a purchase.

Online Blog

A blog for your online store is an awesome way of doing this. You can publish content focused on summer activities, like how to plan the perfect summer vacation or suggestions for unique games to play at a picnic in the park. Whatever the topic, as long as it’s related to summer and vacations, you can subtly include your products in the content.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO techniques are very handy when it comes to creating a blog for your store. So if you’re thinking of starting a blog for your store, make a research about that first.

Facebook Ads

Start Inflatable Toys Business Online Facebook

Back to marketing. Facebook ads are ideal for products like beach inflatables. Bright, playful imagery of people having a great time on vacation is something that will immediately get an emotional response from viewers.

Start Inflatable Toys Business Online Shopify

For merchants using Shopify, the picture sourcing platform Burst will have plenty of beautiful images of inflatables that you can use in your store. And they’re free too. Seen on Facebook, compelling images like these encourage potential customers to make an impulse purchase.

Here’s another pro tip for this seasonal niche. People love sharing pictures from their summer vacations. So offer your shoppers an incentive to include your products in their social media posts. You can feature this content on your homepage. This is called “social proof” — and it basically means that your customers are doing some of your marketing for you. And it’s so valuable because it doesn’t come from you, it comes from your customers.

Customer Referral Program

When shoppers see previous customers enjoying your products, it will give your visitors the feeling that there is a community around your brand. And that your brand can be trusted.

Offer your customers a discount for promoting your beach inflatables to their Instagram following, and the word will spread from there.


Instagram influencers love to include bright, eye-catching products like these in their feeds. Send a few free samples to influencers who live by the sea, ask them to tag you in their photos if they like your product, and you’re all set for a low risk, low effort social media campaign that will get eyeballs on your products.

High-Profit Margins

If you’re wondering what kind of revenue you can generate with this kind of product, then let me tell you: inflatables have awesome profit margins. An inflatable basketball hoop will cost you around less than 20$ and can be sold for as much as 65-80$.

Just remember to price your products smartly. Include the costs of marketing and other expenses (if you have any) when you price your goods, and you’ll stay safely in profit.

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