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The story is all about a category that generates a lot of money for dropshippers in the 10 biggest markets across the world. Men’s clothing -and especially hoodies. Hoodies are a great item to sell because everyone wears them. Actors, sports stars, high school kids, adults, men, women, girlfriends steal them, everybody loves hoodies.

Today we’re looking at a product that’s in a great niche for dropshipping: men’s clothing and accessories. This is a unique niche to choose and I’ll tell you

  1. Why men’s clothing and accessories?
  2. Awesome product recommendations
  3. How to sell them
  4. Bonus resources

Let’s get started!

Why Men’s Clothing and Accessories?

It’s all because of something called GMV. It stands for “Gross Merchandise Value” and it refers to the amount of money Oberlo merchants pay to their suppliers for their products. But remember in dropshipping merchants don’t pay suppliers unless they’ve made a sale.

So in essence, when we see high GMV, we know that merchants are making sales and turning over high revenue on their products. Because what kind of store owner would pay lots of money to their supplier and not price their products in a way that makes them healthy profits?!

Men's clothing

Men’s clothing and accessories are consistently one of the top five categories for GMV – as we can see in these graphs.

Product Recommendations

Alright, now that we know what GMV is, and we know a little bit more about today’s, niche it’s time we took a look at a trending product from men’s clothing and accessories. Hoodies!

But what hoodies do they love the most?

Well, classics like these never go out of style: plain, thick, and available in a multitude of colours these kinds of hoodies are really sell well – as we can see from these reviews and order counts.

4.7 stars from 5, out of over 700 reviews is very impressive, as is the orders count of over 1,500 in the last 6 months.

How to Sell Hoodies Online

This Google Trends graph shows search interest for a specific type of hoodie: the 3D print hoodie.

Now, what 3D hoodies can you sell in your store?

3d hoodie

How about three-dimensional bad boys like this cosmic piece of hoodie artwork, which has an out-of-this-world customer rating of 5 out of 5 stars from over 200 reviews.

3d hoodie

Or this wonderful wolf print hoodie, which has received one-third of its orders in the last 30 days

3D print hoodies have been growing in popularity and interestover in the last few years. Their eye-catching prints are ultra cool and novel and they allow people to express themselves in ever-unique ways with a garment that’s pretty straightforward. They’re a bit more lightweight than the plain hoodies we saw earlier, meaning people can wear them in hotter months and in colder seasons simply add a thicker jacket to keep them warm when they’re outside.

How to Sell Hoodies?

You can start by focusing on what sets each hoodie apart from the others on the market. That means taking things like the lion print on this 3D hoodie and getting the most out of it in your marketing.

How to Sell Hoodies Online

After all, focusing on the line element allows you to target a niche market of lion lovers.

How to Sell Hoodies Online

A niche that is quite specific and yet still averages between 1 and 10,000 searches every month.

  1. Well crafted product descriptions
  2. Product-specific FAQs
  3. Blog

to boost your efforts will all help you optimize your store for search engine visibility. And it can get you in front of those thousands of people who are looking for lion hoodies online every month.

You can also target these people on Facebook by segmenting an audience that likes “Lions, online shopping, and fashion.”

And over on Instagram, why not post pictures of your lion hoodie using the hashtag, no surprises here: #lionhoodie.

hoodie 3d oberlo

It has a few hundred posts and it’s a super relevant channel for you to promote your 3D lion print hoodie.

But what about hoodies that aren’t as interesting as wolves and the universe and lions, like our plain hoodies?

Well, if we promote them smartly and make them interesting they might just be in with a chance of sales. You can do that by making a Facebook video ad for your plain hoodies. If you do go the extra mile and do this, Facebook charges you less for advertising and you end up with a higher chance of making conversions.

Use the video as a demo ad to entice customers to your store. You can do this in minutes using a smartphone. Just give it a try! Demo ads are powerful assets for your marketing, and they’re not that difficult to produce.

Now if you run a store with a multitude of plain hoodies in a bunch of colours make sure your ad leads users to a collection page. That way you can see which colours or variants of your hoodies get added to customers carts the most. And then you can run retargeting ads on products that you know are more popular than others.

Bonus Resources

If you source your hoodies from an Asian supplier then you’ll love the first resource I have for you. This video here is all about Asian to US and European clothing sizes. It lasts three minutes and answers some important questions that can save you, your men’s fashion business, and your customers hours in questions research and returns.

instagram shop

My second bonus is a great app called Instagram Shop. Instagram Shop gives your customers the option to purchase your hoodies quickly, easily and directly from your Instagram profile. And the app’s analytics section lets you see your best-performing images for events like impressions, added to cart, and conversions into real sales.

If you are already in or thinking about joining the men’s fashion business online, then this tip is for you because I’m going to reveal to you the market in which men’s clothing and accessories generated the most GMV in 2018.

best country for men's clothing is Germany

It’s good old Germany. Germans simply love spending their money on men’s clothing and accessories, as this category ranked number one for GMV and came in at number 5 for overall sales 2018.

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