How to Start Selling Consumer Electronics Online

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How to Start Selling Consumer Electronics Online

One of the consumer electronics product I’ll show you today costs $1.95 but selling for as much as $14.99. You don’t have to be a math whiz to recognize what a great markup that is. Do you want to know more about this product? Then stick around for today’s article – it’s gonna be electrifying.

Today we are diving into the consumer electronics niche. I’ll begin by looking at 5 consumer electronics products that dropshippers have been selling well recently. After that, you will read about why these items are worth selling. This has a lot to do with profit margins, so you will see how you can make more money per sale with smart pricing. Then we’ll discuss how to get those sales with niche-specific tips for store design and customer service.

If you’re thinking about jump-starting your dropshipping business, products from this niche could be just what you’re looking for. Even if you’re already selling consumer electronics, then stick with the article for the marketing tips we have for you today. They’re all about helping you get sales.

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5 Consumer Electronics Products


Welcome to the Consumer Electronics category on Oberlo. You can find it in the Product Search section of the app. Right over there; just click the More Categories tab. Products in this category include eye-catching gadgets, smartphone accessories, smartwatches, gaming goods, VR devices, e-cigarettes, some audio and video items for the home…

If it uses Bluetooth, batteries or is powered by a socket in the wall, you’ll find it here. There are hundreds of pages of products to browse in this category.

Finding electronics with big dropshipping potential may seem daunting at first. So I went ahead and selected five examples for you. All of these items are selling well for other dropshippers.

1- Digital TV Antenna Amplifier

How to Start Selling Digital TV Antenna Amplifier

Let’s start with this digital TV antenna amplifier. When it comes to showing high dropshipping potential, this antenna is sending all the right signals.

  • Oberlo Verified supplier:  √
  • ePacket shipping:  √
  • Price below $5:  √
  • Orders count: over 750 in the last 30 days:  √

2- Portable Power Bank

How to Start Selling Portable Power Bank

Next up, we have a highly effective product. This rather minimalist looking portable USB charger it is fitted with a convenient strap your customers can fix onto their keychain so they’ll never run out of juice when they’re on the go.

3- Bluetooth Jack

How to Start Selling Bluetooth Jack

Customers can use it to connect audio from one device to the speakers in their vehicle. And it sounds like people who purchase this product love it. Two and a half thousand customers gave this jack an average rating of 4.8 out of 5.

4- LED Projector

How to Start Selling LED Projector

This mini LED projector is next on our list. This kind of projector is much cheaper and much smaller than a traditional projector, which is good news for dropshippers. It means these little projectors are eligible for ePacket shipping. At $30 in cost, this projector is well suited to dropshippers looking for a big-ticket product for their online store. But don’t let the larger cost turn you off. Its order count is high, and so is its customer rating, as we can see here.

5- Hidden Camera USB Charger

How to Start Selling Hidden Camera USB Charger

Now you probably didn’t see this last product coming: it’s the covert camcorder! What’s that?
Well, it looks like a simple socket adapter, but in reality, it’s a hidden camera. Very crafty and perfect for customers desperate to catch a glimpse of Santa coming down the chimney at Christmas.

Why These Items are Worth Selling

How to Start Selling Hidden consumer electronics online

You see, customers are willing to pay quite a bit to get their hands on these products. With the following example, we’re talking about a markup of seven times the cost of the item. I’m referring of course to the Bluetooth car jack. It can cost you $1.95 to source it from the supplier, yet we know that dropshippers are selling it for around $14.99 in their online stores.

How to Start Selling Hidden consumer electronics online

This kind of markup gives you plenty of financial wiggle room for shipping costs, and any potential ad spends without hurting your profit margins. And it’s not just the car jack that customers spend big on. Well, relatively big.

The Oberlo Suggested Price feature tells you what prices other businesses in your industry are set for these products.

profit margins

We can see that dropshippers can make bank on similar products like the antenna amplifier, which costs $3.40 but can sell for almost 20 bucks. You do not have to follow this suggestion from Oberlo, you can choose to undercut your competition to try and attract more interest. You can even go above the suggested price if you’re confident in the knowledge that customers aren’t afraid of splashing out on their electronics purchases.

Whatever prices you set you to need to follow a few simple tips for the best chance of making sales with consumer electronics.

How to Get Sales

To begin, get your store in order! Shopify has a free store theme it recommends to anyone selling consumer electronics. The theme is called Supply.

supply shopify

This Shopify theme features a responsive layout, sidebar filtering, a slideshow, social networking icons, a newsletter subscription form, cross-browser compatibility, and clean design. If you’re starting out in dropshipping with Shopify, then I recommend the Supply theme because it is free and it won’t eat into your budget.

Once you have a store, it’s time to turn your attention to customer service. Now we’re dealing with electronics, which come with a high level of technical complexity as well as a range of options and alternatives on the market. This means customers and end users may need help figuring things out. Make sure you’re equipped to handle customer service inquiries and turn questions into sales.

Here’s a popular Shopify app to help support your customer service and engagement efforts. It’s called Tidio.

Tidio is free, and it uniquely merges live chatbots and marketing automation to meet the expectations of the most demanding customer.

Research shows that live chat can boost sales by as much as 40%. Next time your customer faces an issue, they are more likely to come back to you instead of trying their hand with one of your competitors or searching online for an answer.

You can also preempt customer queries with well-crafted search engine optimized FAQ questions. I recommend this for two reasons: first, an FAQ page assists your customers, which is always good for business; and second, it boosts search engine optimization, meaning it’s easier for potential customers to find you online when they go searching for the kind of products you sell.

When it comes to building your FAQs, I have another app suggestion to help make life easier. This app is free, and it’s called HelpCenter.

With HelpCenter you can create an easy to navigate and searchable FAQ page. The app also allows your customers to submit questions they can’t find the answers to. This helps you understand your customers and their needs better.

Finally, the app designs your FAQ section in a way that gives your store a solid and professional appearance. A professional set of FAQs can lead to fewer crossed wires for your customers and help you generate more sales.

All right, are you thinking of selling consumer electronics online?
If you are, then you should follow my next 20 great tips!

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