How to Get Serious About Landing Clients in the Pandemic Era

How to Get Serious About Landing Clients in the Pandemic Era

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Although many businesses continue to struggle, others are thriving. One of the factors that decide a company’s success or failure is its relationship with consumers. So, how can you get serious about finding (and securing) new clients mid-pandemic?

Here are 12 solutions.

Be Confident in Remote Work

Connecting with clients virtually is becoming the new normal. Ensure professionalism and confidence by familiarizing yourself with all the facets of remote work.

1- Make sure your technology resources support remote business. This includes things like project management tools and unified communications. Once you have these figured out, make sure everyone on your team understands them.

2- Practice new skills, so you’re ready for an influx of remote work. For example, if you struggled with time management, now’s the time to get it under control! It also helps if you have the ability to be adaptable and flexible despite the circumstances.

3- Consider a home office renovation to create the perfect workspace. However, make sure you have room in your budget; this can easily cost $100 per square foot. You don’t want this project to become financially damaging.

4- Understand how remote work affects collaboration and adjust accordingly. For instance, you may discover that shorter meetings are more beneficial and useful. After all, long discussions can sometimes result in a loss of productivity for the day.

Pivot Your Business Model

You’ve likely heard about the pandemic pivot. The concept is that you can adjust your business offerings to meet client needs better—here’s how.

5- Recognize customer pain points and the need for connection during the pandemic. This may involve changing things up a bit in terms of your overall strategy. 

6- Make the necessary changes to navigate the COVID-19 market. This could involve everything from redesigning your website to fostering new business relationships. It also helps tremendously if you’re willing to adapt as you go along.

7- Embrace the internet and ensure your business is seen online. If you don’t have a presence on social media, then you may need to consider this option seriously.

8- Shift your retail operations online by reading this e-commerce blueprint.

Focus on Finances

If your company is in the red, checking out pandemic-era financial programs is smart. But there are other ways to make the most of your business finances.

9- Prioritize financial steps to protect your assets and reduce losses. Entrepreneur.com has an excellent 10-point small business survival plan specifically designed to help business owners struggling during the pandemic.

10- Investigate financial resources specific to coronavirus relief. In fact, you can apply for many grants offered by private groups and businesses.

11- Create a plan for attracting high-paying clients to your brand. Of course, you need to make sure your product has something to offer those willing to pay! The last thing you want is to ruin your reputation because you couldn’t deliver on your promises.

12- Learn how to negotiate rate increases by showcasing your value. One meaningful way is to discover your leverage as a freelancer. Once you have those essential details figured out, you can use them to your advantage!

Landing new clients may not be as simple as it was pre-COVID-19. Fortunately, the good news is that there’s a ready and willing audience for your product or service.

The keys?

Adapting to working remotely, adjusting your business model to meet pandemic needs, and handling finances in a smart and sustainable way. With a refreshed mindset and a pocketful of savvy strategies, you’ll be on your way to a full client roster, even mid-pandemic.

Written by Derek Goodman