Is Dropshipping a Scam? —FAQs

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Is Dropshipping a Scam? —FAQs

In this article I am going to be addressing the idea of you are cheating customers by dropshipping and selling items to them that you bought for cheaper elsewhere. Also, I’m going to answer frequently asked questions to dropshippers about why people think that dropshipping is a bit of a scam for customers and why I again disagree with them.

Don’t forget, I’m giving my personal opinion. If you disagree with that, feel free to sound off in the comments section below.

Question #1:
Aren’t you tricking customers by “marking up“ the prices of the items you dropship?

It’s not even a question but I can kind of see why people think this. From their perspective, it’s wrong because while you’ve gone ahead and listed this mug in your store for $20.

They could have just gone to Aliexpress and bought it for a fraction of the price.

That’s kind of a stupid conclusion because it completely ignores marketing. You see when you are dropshipping there are three stages through the process.

  1. Production of raw materials like plastic. The producers of these sell them at a profit to product manufacturers.
  2. Product manufacturing which takes these materials and turns them into items for consumers, like a camera lens, travel mugs.
  3. Market these items to consumers again for a profit as dropshippers do.

AliExpress suppliers work with dropshippers. So dropshippers can take care of the marketing for them. This is a big deal because marketing is the most expensive part along this whole process.

I am sure consumers would love it if we could get rid of marketing through this whole process because obviously it would make products cheaper. But we can’t, because if we didn’t do marketing, then most consumers would never know that these products existed in the first place, and they would never buy them.

The people that buy items from dropshippers are did not know that items existed on Aliexpress in the first place. So they would never know, if we’re going to go over there and buy them because Aliexpress rarely markets its items.

Dropshippers are an important part of this economic food chain because without their marketing campaigns and marketing skills, humans would have no idea about these items that improve their lives in the first place.

Question #2:
Aren’t you scamming consumers by selling them useless pieces of cheap, useless junk?

Since almost everything we buy in the world is produced in China that doesn’t mean the cheap junks you often see come from China. On the other hand, our expensive high-end electronics like phones and laptops produced in China, but anyone call a phone a piece of junk.

Aliexpress dropshipping has often low cost trinkets and nobody items but they sell the best. They add a bit of joy into our lives.

Question 3:
Isn’t it wrong if we don’t buy test products first?

Quality control is a consistent ongoing issue that manufacturing has to deal with. Dropshippers don’t want to see that they received one single greatest product. What they really want to see is if their manufacturer can consistently create good quality products. Also, with Aliexpress, they can check the reviews to do that.

If you’re not sure that you can trust the reviews on Aliexpress, you can always check to see if the product is on Amazon, and see what customers have to say about it on there as well.

But, it is not mean dropshippers shouldn’t test the products they sell. I highly recommend they buy a test product and create marketing campaigns with it. (e.g. Video ads, high quality images.)