10 Amazing Impulse Products to Sell Online

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10 Amazing Impulse Products to Sell Online

Have you heard of impulse-buy products? They have the power to convert a potential customer into a paying customer – in a mere matter of seconds. Today I’ll share ten of the best impulse-buy products to start selling online. Stay tuned if you want to make sales fast!

The final one on my list is an emerging product that isn’t on the radar of many dropshippers. But I think it has BIG potential. So stick with the article to find it what it is.

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Now, what exactly are impulse-buy products?

To put it short and sweet: impulse-buy products make customers drop what they’re doing, click “add to cart”, and then head straight to checkout. They’re typically inexpensive, and usually, cost customers less than $20. They’re also either very practical or very novel. And they’re unique, meaning they’re hard to find in local stores.

You see, people aren’t actively looking for these kinds of products. But once a customer sees one, it’s as though they’ve wanted it their entire life. The best way to learn about impulse-buy products is to see them.

So let’s get going!

1- The Loch Ness Monster Ladle

Impulse Products The Loch Ness Monster Ladle

That’s right, believe it or not, the loch ness monster exists. And it’s actually a ladle – you can find it swimming in soups and stews around the world.

Why is it an impulse-buy product?

It’s unlike any ladle on the market. It comes in a range of eye-catching colours, has a unique design, and it’s much more fun than the plain silver ladle in your customers’ kitchens right now.

When it comes to marketing the loch ness monster ladle – think visual. You can promote it through advertising on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Facebook groups for parents with young children could also be effective. If you have permission from the group moderators, share a post linking to your store’s ladle listing. Why not tell them you’ve found the Loch Ness Monster, and it is available with free shipping?

2- Warning System Windshield Projector

Warning System Windshield Projector

This nifty little product puts dashboard metrics front and centre of your customer’s cars. That means they can see important details like how much gas is in the tank or how close they are to the speed limit, without having to turn their eyes toward their dashboards. One of my friends showed this gizmo to her car-loving boyfriend. His response: “I want that.” Exactly the kind of reaction we expect for an impulse-buy product.

3- Smartwatch

Impulse Products Smartwatch

The smartest thing you can do with a smartwatch is sell it. Smartwatches have been incredibly popular impulse-buy products during the last year. Customers cannot resist the range of features available in these small accessories.

From a sound recorder to a pedometer to a calendar, the practicality is enough to make customers stop what they’re doing and add a smartwatch to their cart. They also tell the time too.

Smartwatches perform well on Instagram. If you want to sell this smartwatch on Instagram, you can get started by targeting different niches based on a particular feature. The pedometer feature is ideal for people interested in running and walking. That’s just one example, but there are plenty more.

4- 180-degree Makeup Mirror

180-degree Makeup Mirror

Sure, most people have a mirror, But who has one which offers a reflection capturing all angles? Show your customers what they’re missing out on with an ad showing off the 180-degree makeup mirror in its best light. Do that by focusing on fans and followers of beauty pages or websites. Like Sephora. You can also target people with makeup-related jobs and interest, like makeup artists.

If you’ve already got customers for your makeup and beauty store, then send them all an email with an update about the new makeup mirror product addition. Then let impulse do the rest.

We’re almost half-way through our list. I’d hate for you to leave, so I better grab your attention with a product that you’ve never seen before.
How about this:

5- Personalized Calendar Keychain

Personalized Calendar Keychain

With over ten-thousand sales in the last six months and over seven-hundred in the past 30 days, this impulse-buy item is proof that personalized products are skyrocketing sales for dropshippers this year.

What makes this calendar good for impulse buyers?

Customers can add special dates to it. From birthdays to wedding anniversaries. They can also include other milestones, like the month and day when they purchased their first home or the occasion they went on their first date with a loved one.

Facebook is a great place to find customers likely to impulse-buy this keychain. Use the Facebook life events targeting option to find them. If someone has recently laid down a deposit on their first home, you can promote this product as a memento for the special occasion. If a wedding anniversary is approaching, promote this special calendar to that couple as a keepsake.

6- Twinkle Lights

 Impulse Products to Sell Online Twinkle Lights

This twinkle light set is sure to captivate your customers in an ad. These lights look great during Christmas, indoors, outdoors, or even on regular Wednesday evening while watching a TV show.

One look and your customers know how much cooler their lighting setup can be with a product like this. Which is why they average over 230 sales a month. People interested in home decor are bound to fall in love with these fairy lights at first glance.

Target them on Facebook using a Facebook advertising home decor audience recommendation that I put together for my viewers.

7- Peacoat


Fashion is the most popular niche in e-commerce in terms of the number of customers and sales. Why? because trends come and go at such a speed, style-minded customers virtually impulse buy just to keep up with the latest crazes.

8- Baby Sleeping Bag

Impulse Products to Sell Online Baby sleeping bag

It is just as incredibly cute as the little bundles of joy that snooze inside it. These baby sleeping bags are adorable to hang on a wall when they are not being used. They’re also quite practical, as they limit how far a child can roll around if they are put to sleep on an adult’s bed.

When it comes to targeting, look out for people about to or who have just had a baby. Help them picture their own child inside this fun little sleeping bag by using an ad showing the product in use. The images provided by this supplier are solid. We propose using them as inspiration.

9- Animal Wire Protectors

 Animal Wire Protectors

Anyone who owns a phone or laptop knows the perils of bending their charging cables out of shape. They’re so easy to break, and it’s so easy to get frustrated when that happens. Well, these small, cute animal moulds are here to protect all your wires from going kaputt. By now you may have noticed something about impulse buy products like these and the Loch Ness ladle.

They are both examples of a common item, but they come with a unique design twist. Keep an eye out for similar products when looking for your own hidden gem of an impulse buy.

Wire protectors have been around for a while. But not ones that look like as fun and appealing as these. This kind of item would garner plenty of interest from fans of kawaii products – that’s Japanese for cute. So consider that when it comes to your targeting.

All right. Ready to discover that emerging impulse-buy item I mentioned at the start of the article? I spotted this product in Facebook ads recently while researching this article, and I almost clicked buy myself. It’s a conventional product with a unique twist your customers probably haven’t seen before. I’m talking about a bed cover you can wear.

10- Lazy Quilt

Impulse Products to Sell Online Lazy Quilt

Not many dropshippers have found this product. As you can see from the import numbers here, most listings have less than five imports. That means it’s more than just an impulse buy item; it’s an impulse buy item that is emerging on the market.

Best Impulse Products to sell online

I think it’s ideal for students, people who love reading, people who love home decor, and many more audiences. If you market this product on Instagram or social media, make sure to use good quilty images that show the lazy quilt in use. Customers need to imagine themselves using it; that way, they can see how the lazy quilt is cooler than normal quilts. That’s because it doesn’t fall down when you sit up.

Will you import any of these impulse-buy items into your store?
Which one do you think has the most potential?
Let me know in the comments, and I will get back to you.

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