How to Spot High Profit Dropshipping Products with 5 Questions

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How to find dropshipping winning products

If you’re looking for winning dropshipping products for your Shopify store you’re going to love this article. But it’s a little different from other product recommendation articles. You see in the past I published articles that told you exactly what products are trending in a given year or niche or season. I kind of spoon-fed you own product recommendations based on what was selling well. And there are other youtubers who are doing this too telling you exactly what you should buy and what’s trending. But it’s time someone told you how to spot winning products before they make their way to youtube.

So in this article you’ll learn 5 ways to find trending products and niches ahead of the competition. In particular you’ll learn about,

  • Non-dropshipping websites that can give you great business ideas.
  • Key dates and holidays that drive seasonal niches.
  • Weekly habits that will help you discover new dropshipping products

Also I’ll share a few winning products along the way too. Let’s get started!

I’m going to structure today’s article kind of like a virtual worksheet. The worksheet contains five questions and as you answer each of these questions through research and through observation you’ll begin to uncover niches that nobody is talking about. But once you find those niches and products you still have to build a Shopify store and validate those products with Facebook ads.

Let’s return to the questions that you have to research if you want to find those winning dropshipping products before the competition does.

Question 1: Why are TV series trending?

I know that’s not something you’re usually thinking about. After all your headspace is in this mode of “I want to start a business what’s selling well, why do I care what people are watching on Netflix?” But popular culture drives buying decisions and that’s especially true for impulse purchases and remember impulse purchases are what you want. You don’t want someone who cares about shipping times, you don’t want someone who’s price sensitive; you want someone to see it, want it, and buy it right there.

The question then becomes how do you find out what is trending in terms of movies and TV series. Sure you can find out from friends what they’re watching but it might be hard to set up a store now and then advertise those products later after the craze for that show has passed. The key here is to do some non-traditional research instead of going to Aliexpress and looking at order numbers, I recommend you actually go to some entertainment websites. Now I’m going to go through this process with you so you can see what I mean and we’ll end up with a potential winning product on our hands.

I am at rottentomatoes.com. The reason I’m here is because this site in particular the 69 most anticipated movies of 2019 will give me a really good idea of what’s coming out this fall.

Rotten tomatoes

Now, I’m writing this article in September but the techniques that I’m showing you in this article you can use to find winning products any time of the year. I’m going to scroll down and since I am writing in September, I’m interested in what’s coming out in October and December. Already I see some really big name movies like Joker and a lot of other interesting shows that will capture popular attention.

Now of course I’m not going to tell you to buy copy written trademark frozen merchandise that is illegal and you will get in trouble and you will lose any money that you’ve made.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t seize on pop culture with these movies and with TV series what you want to do when you see these great movies coming up is think about the themes that are in them.

For example with Frozen, yes it’s about Elsa but more broadly it’s about a winter wonderland and elves and princesses in Norway. Things like that cold-weather fairy tales is basically what frozen is all about and there’s no copyright on that.

The exercise here is to identify those themes and then find products that fit those themes. Once you do that you can sell those products to people who are excited about something like Frozen when they’re excited about it.

Okay I said I would take you through an example so let’s do that now. Forgive me I’m going to take you through an example that’s kind of relevant right now but might not be trending in two months nevertheless you’ll learn the process and you’ll be able to find your own products that are trending in two, three and even six months.

This summer The Lion King came out and there was a lot of buzz about it because I had some big-name celebrities in it. Now I can’t sell something like a Simba play suit or anything like that. But I can definitely still target people on Facebook who like Lion King and sell them something that appeals to their interests. And one product in particular that I found on Aliexpress was a pet costume.

How to Spot High Profit Dropshipping Products — product1

As you can see here, this pet costume is a collar that when it’s attached to a cat makes it look as if the cat is a lion with a big mane. It’s pretty cute and it’s also only 3 bucks and change, which means that the margins on this pet costume are really quite good. But what makes this beautiful is what I can do to sell it on Facebook.

I’m going to show you what I mean by going into Facebook Ads manager here. I’ve just got a blank ad set up and the real magic here is that when we go into detailed targeting as we’ll want to do when we’re creating our first ad.

We can type in of course the Lion King. Well we can’t sell Lion King products, we can definitely target Lion King fans. That’s the whole magic of this tactic. So here I can choose Lion King but as you can see I can also even target people who like Lion King the musical, the soundtrack this is franchise has been around for a while so there are millions of people who like this franchise in all of its forms.

Of course I want to target people who like Lion King, but I want to narrow this Facebook target audience. Remember I want to make it both interest specific, but I also want to make it product specific. Of course someone who will buy this cat collar probably owns a cat. So I’ll type in cat as an interest and see where that gets me.

Tip: 2 to 2.5 million is a good first Facebook audience for the first ad that you’ll run for a product. But you can keep it broad as well, and learn from Facebook what interests and what audiences like the product you’re trying to sell.

Now, hopefully you can see why a product like this would do really well. However this product probably won’t do really well in the fall because the Lion King has already come and gone as a pop culture trend. But now you’re equipped with the sights you need, and the Facebook ad knowledge you need to find a product that will fit one of those trending movies ahead of time and start advertising it.

Question 2: What apps or products are on the rise?

I know this sounds like I’m being repetitive, you’re looking for products that are on the rise what do you mean I should look into this. No, when I say what products are on the rise I’m not talking about dropshipping products that you can sell in your Shopify store, I’m talking about products in general; for example scooters or smoothies or things like that.

The fact that these apps or products are trending tells you that there’s a bunch of crazies out there who will drop their money for this kind of product, and that is the information you’re looking for.

I want to give you a personal example a lot of my friends have been talking about horoscopes lately, you know I’m a Scorpio you’re a Gemini that whole kind of thing. I noticed that there is an app in particular that everyone was downloading and telling me about it was called co-star. Being curious about co-star, I did some research and I went to a site called TechCrunch which has a lot of news about up-and-coming startups.

What I saw on TechCrunch was that this app just raised five million to bring it’s astrology app to Android. That tells me that nothing scales like a horoscope. This got me interested because co-star does not solve a problem, co-star is only popular with people who are rapidly into horoscopes, tarot cards, astrology etc. This tells me that there’s a niche out there ready to be sold to. My job as a dropshipper is to find products that aren’t getting in front of this niche and get there first.

So how do you do that?

Well here just a straight-up Aliexpress search can be your best friend. Remember that I said you really want to serve this audience a product they don’t see very often.

Tip: To learn how to find best AliExpress supplier, check this article

Let me prove my point when you search for horoscopes, you see a lot of zodiac sign necklaces.

How to Spot High Profit Dropshipping Products — product 2

Now you can very well sell these but you’re not going to stand out from the crowd with this. If I expand my search and I think of for example taro which has to do with taro cards in this same kind of mystical niche, I get some interesting results.

First I see tarot cards and I can assume that anyone who’s interested in tarot cards already knows where to buy tarot cards. So, I’m not interested in that. What you wanted to hear is keep scrolling you want to keep going through the Aliexpress results page until you find the product that this niche hasn’t seen before. It took me a couple of pages but I found this product that I think would do really well with anyone interested in horoscopes, astrology, and tarot cards.

It is the tarot card tapestry wall-hanging.

How to Spot High Profit Dropshipping Products — product 3

What I love about this product is that it definitely appeals to anyone who loves tarot cards. But it’s also quite tasteful and fits in with a more minimalist design. Of course the thing you’ll love about this product is it’s less than five dollars which means you can price it around $15 and keep that profit. That will also mean that this product isn’t terribly expensive to advertise on Facebook.

Question 3: What dates and holidays are driving consumer buying behavior?

You guys were reading this in September and there are a lot of dates coming up.

  • Thanksgiving in Canada – Oct 14
  • Halloween – Oct 31
  • Thanksgiving US – Nov 28
  • Black Friday – Nov 29
  • Cyber Monday – Dec 2
  • Hanukkah – Dec 22
  • Christmas – Dec 25
  • New Year’s Eve – Dec 31

How do these dates influence buying behavior and how do you know to stay ahead of them and find trends that capitalize on them?

First of all people are going to be buying gifts for other people on these dates. That means that if you’re advertising products that you think are only meant to be advertised to women, think again. You might have men looking to shop for women, women looking to shop for men. Widen up your ads to make sure you take advantage of some of this gift buying potential around the holidays.

Another way that these dates influence behavior is that well while people are shopping for others they decide to pick something pretty up for themselves. If ever there was a time in the year to run a sale, these dates are those times. Give your discounts away and you will get sales, just be careful of your margins along the way.

I have a really good example. This is a phone tripod.

Finally and this is where the trend part really comes in, you can pick products now that are targeted to what people will need during those events and holidays themselves.

How to Spot High Profit Dropshipping Products — product 4

It allows people to take a picture by putting their phone into the tripod, sending it up anywhere, and setting their phone on the self-timer mode. It’s incredibly cheap and it even comes in different colors.

When I first saw this product, I wasn’t struck by the fact that it was a phone tripod that didn’t seem special to me. But then I thought about the problem it solved. During the holidays you’ve got the family coming in to celebrate whatever it is they’re celebrating, and they want to take a picture.

But who has to take the picture?

Whoever it is, they won’t be in the picture. It’ll be the one family member that doesn’t get included in the picture, that’s tragic, that goes against the spirit of the holidays.

That is the kind of fear and emotion you want to stir up in your ad for this product. You’re not just selling something hands-free, you’re selling a tool that makes sure the whole family is included in holiday memories. That is how you capture a trend ahead of time.

Start your store now, so that you can start seasoning your Facebook pixel, and getting these sales before the holidays. That way you’ll know exactly who to target once all these holidays start rolling around.

Hold on I hear it from here, “But what about shipping times, no one will wait” You can use that sense of urgency to your advantage. When you start selling this product immediately here now in September, I want you to include on your product page text that says “Supplies are limited. Order yours now, so you’ll get it in time for Halloween.” And then in three weeks update it for Thanksgiving, and then in a couple weeks update it for Christmas. Use the sense of urgency to lock in the sales and to make sure your customers get their products in time.

Question 4: Do You Care Your Look?

Makeup brush cleaners are saturated. The problem of cleaning makeup brushes is not going to go away. Women are not going to wake up magically and find self-cleaning makeup brushes although honestly that sounds like a brilliant product idea and if you can describe something like that you should. Until we get to that day, people who wear makeup are going to need to clean those makeup brushes and they’re going to want products that help them do that.

So your job is to find the makeup brush cleaner that no one has seen before. Let’s do a little research. When I search makeup brush cleaner I see a lot of results. But what I haven’t seen is this right here. It lets you clean makeup brushes also looks new.

Electric makeup brush cleaner

A lot of people have seen this makeup brush cleaner and I still think it could get sales. But I personally would like to sell something a little bit different, so I was excited when I was browsing through Aliexpress and I spotted something that stood out.

How to Spot High Profit Dropshipping Products — product 4

This is a silicone makeup brush cleaner that sticks to a surface, and then in this little cup you can insert your baby shampoo and water to clean your brushes. I’ve never seen something like this and it’s really cool to women because they would being able to stick it on the counter as they are cleaning all their brushes, and kind of have that puddle of liquid out of the way.

As you can see this has great reviews but probably not very many people have bought it. That smells like an opportunity to me.

Question 5: What you watched and read on the internet till the end?

That is where the trends lay. So my job as an entrepreneur is to figure out what products fuel people’s fantasies.

Let’s give an example. There might be a woman who watched a beautiful, pie cooking video on Instagram. And, she wanted to make the same and share it with friends. So, I made a product research about what she can buy.

To do this I simply went to AliExpress and searched Pie. After long scrolling times, I saw this beautiful roller right here.

How to Spot High Profit Dropshipping Products — product 5

This wooden rolling pin will imprint it’s incredible pattern on any pie. This fantasy is definitely connected to the holidays. So if a cook lover saw an ad for this rolling pin telling make the pie no one will stop talking about at your next Thanksgiving gathering they will buy it right then and there.


If you answer the questions that we went over in today’s article, you’ll be able to identify these products that people will want to buy immediately before anyone else has them on their radar. So this is the only article you’ll need, you don’t need any more trending product articles except for obviously the ones that we’ll share on this blog.