How to Keep Customers Happy in Business World

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How to Keep Customers Happy  in Business World
Credit: Olga Semkło

It seems everyone is looking to become more efficient these days, and that holds true for customers as well as companies. Just listening to common catch phrases can be a big clue of how busy everyone is: promises of enhanced productivity, speedy checkout systems, and easy returns are all used to keep buyers engaged with products and services. If you’re wondering where to begin, here’s how to avoid losing your on-the-go clientele.  

Stay Open 24/7

Being readily accessible when your customers have time to visit is a great way to ensure you catch their business. However, since keeping your doors open around-the-clock isn’t always practical, a website is a top-notch compromise. In fact, some studiesindicate more than half of consumers prefer to make purchases online these days, and that percentage continues to rise every year. Brick-and-mortar establishments are still alive and well, but as Forbes explains, a well-designed website is now a business essential.  

Startups and small businesses face certain hurdles when it comes to putting a website together. Perhaps you’re concerned about dealing with technology that’s beyond your comfort zone, that it will be too time-consuming, that it will put your data at risk, or that it will require a major financial outlay. If any of those concerns apply, one recommendation is to start by examining inexpensive web hosting choices – just be careful you don’t sacrifice reliability. It’s an opportunity to keep your doors open 24/7 and offer your customers a high-quality shopping experience without breaking your budget.  

Raise the Bar In-House

How to Keep Customers Happy  in Business World
Credit: Fauzy Lukman

Providing a user-friendly online shopping experience is just one aspect of meeting customers’ needs in our business world. Strengthening your team’s customer service skills is a wise way to keep your clientele satisfied. For instance, to raise the bar on communication, Entrepreneur recommends making a superior first-impression. Avoid complex automated answering systems, and steer clear of lengthy hold times. When you do have wait times, offer an alternative form of communication to customers, such as via email or your website.  

Welcome Constructive Criticism

The old adage of customers always being right is a powerful business truth, so think about ways your clientele can tell you about their experiences. For instance, employ satisfaction surveys, or you can add a suggestion box to your website. When you receive feedback, make sure you respond to your customers, especially if someone had a negative experience. According to Business.com, between two-thirds and 90 percent of shoppers read reviews before investing their money. It’s easy to see how a poor experience can impact sales. View criticisms as a chance to improve, make the appropriate changes, and tell your customers you listened.  

Keep Information Flowing

Do you have a hot new item you anticipate offering? Or, do you have products you’re marking down? Ensuring your customers know about it means they don’t miss out, and by letting them know you’re on the ball, they don’t feel like they have to keep checking in with you. Select appropriate tools for email marketing to reach out to individual customers. For a broader approach that helps expand your customer base, include social media marketing. If you’re lacking in marketing or social media experience, you can hire a social media marketer (and many other types of professionals) through an online job platform like Upwork. These freelancers can be hired for any length of time, whether it’s for a one-off project or long-term work.

Customers are looking for a positive, easy shopping experience. Provide a great website, top-notch service, and keep communication flowing both ways. You’ll ensure a shopping experience that keeps on-the-go consumers coming back for more!

Written by Marissa Perez