How To Get Customer Reviews: 5 Steps You Should Follow

How To Get Customer Reviews: 5 Steps You Should Follow

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How To Get Customer Reviews

When it comes to marketing your products, not even the most brilliant copy can compete with positive customer reviews. Just one thing: How do you get customers to give reviews?

First off, what are we talking about when we say product reviews?

Product reviews are those short but oh-so-valuable testimonials that customers write about their experiences with your products. They are awesome because they don’t come from the supplier, and they don’t come from you. They come from customers, the people who made the purchase. And whether we like it or not, customers are PROBABLY more trustworthy than store owners.

After all, what’s more convincing: You say that your products are great, or a satisfied customer saying that your products are great? Exactly. When shoppers see authentic customer reviews on a website, they feel like they can trust your brand.

Research shows that about 90% of customers are influenced by the reviews they read. So if your store has positive reviews, you can land more sales. Alright, so customer reviews are super valuable.
Got it. Now, how do we get more reviews and better reviews?

Here are 5 things to try, and app suggestions:

  1. Ask Your Customers To Review Your Products
  2. Add Photo Reviews
  3. Offer Free Samples
  4. Don’t Write Fake Reviews
  5. Make Leaving a Review Super Easy
  6. App Suggestions

1- Ask Your Customers To Review Your Products

Straight up asking your customers for their thoughts is THE most effective way to get reviews. According to Search Engine Land, about 70% of customers will leave a product or business review when asked. So just be honest. Tell your customers it’s super important. They’ll understand and, if they’re satisfied, they’ll probably help out.

It’s best to ask for a review shortly after a customer has received their product. If you contact the customer six months later, they may not be as excited about the product as they were when they first received it. And if you want to give them a little extra incentive, you can offer a discount in exchange for a review. There are apps that’ll automate that for you.

How To Get Customer Reviews

2- Add Photo Reviews

Photo reviews are super effective. Seeing a picture of a customer with your product is marketing gold. So if a customer posts a photo on social media, contact them and ask for their permission to use their photo on your own social media channels. Chances are they’ll be as happy about some facetime as you are about the social proof.

3- Offer Free Samples

You can grow your reviews when starting out by offering free samples. Identify people who are interested in your niche, and ask them to take a picture with their free product and leave a review. Go ahead and do some market research while you’re at it. Ask if they like the look and feel. Ask what would prevent them from buying it. Would they buy several of a similar product?

4- Don’t Write Fake Reviews

This one might seem like a no-brainer, but it’s not obvious to everyone. Don’t. Write. Fake. Reviews. You’re trying to build a brand. Trust is so, so important. You’ll find all sorts of dodgy reviews on the web. And if you can find them, your customers can find them too. If you haven’t made any sales yet, your focus shouldn’t be on getting reviews but on getting customers. Once you start getting customers, that’s when you can focus on reviews.

5- Make Leaving a Review Super Easy

Some apps will do this for you. For example, you can send automated emails to everyone who’s made a purchase. And instead of having to navigate back to your website to write their review, they can simply drop it into the reply, and it will be posted automatically.

There are also apps that let your customers upload photos with their reviews, which gives you that visual fuel I wrote about earlier. There are even apps that can curate Instagram content –and automatically request permission for reuse – when people post about your products on Instagram. So there is no excuse not to have product reviews!

App Suggestions

Product Reviews by Shopify


Lets you quickly see all your reviews in one spot. Reviews are optimised for search and will display key nuggets like star ratings and votes on Google. The app matches the font and design of your theme to ensure a consistent look.

The Product Reviews Add-on by Stamped


It is an extension of Shopify’s product review app. Positive reviews can be posted on Facebook and Twitter as posts to showcase why customers love your brand.

Photo Reviews by Loox


Lastly, it is a customer photo review app that shoots out automated emails asking for reviews and facilitating image uploads. You’re free to customise the app’s colour scheme, email timing and more. You can also moderate reviews to choose which get posted.