Which Shopify Plan is Best | 2020 Fees

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Which Shopify Plan is Best | 2020 Fees

Shopify offers plans with different features to meet your business needs. Keep reading to learn about each plan’s features and benefits, so you can decide what’s right for your business. The cost of your Shopify plan, transaction fees, and credit card rates depend on the plan you choose and where your business is located. No matter which plan you choose, you always have access to helpful resources and free 24/7 support for business coaching, troubleshooting, and any questions you might have about using Shopify. If you’re not using Shopify yet, then sign up today for a free trial. During your free trial, you can prepare your store by adding products, organizing product collections, and setting up your shipping rates. During the free trial, your store isn’t live, and you can’t process orders.

When you’re ready to open your store, select a plan, and make your store live so you can start making sales. If you select a plan during your free trial, you will not be billed until the trial period is over.

Shopify Lite Plan – $9/mo

To start, let’s look at the Shopify Lite plan. This plan is for anyone who wants to sell products without an online store. The Lite plan might be the right choice for you if you want to sell through your blog or personal website or sell in small retail settings like pop-up shops or markets. If you choose the Shopify Lite plan, then you won’t have a Shopify online store or website for customers to visit. Instead, you can use the Shopify Buy button to sell products on a website outside of Shopify. Think of it as a shortcut for buying your products. When a customer clicks a Buy Button, it opens a checkout page to buy the product immediately without going to an online store.

If you use the Shopify Buy Button, then you also have access to abandoned cart recovery. This feature is useful for recovering sales by sending customers a notification if they left items in their cart without completing a purchase.

The Shopify Lite plan also comes with Shopify’s standard features for point of sale, which is great if you’re selling from pop-up shops or markets. In the Shopify admin, you also have access to the Overview dashboard to monitor performance, and the Finances report to track sales and payments.

If you want to have an online store, then consider one of the following plans.

Shopify Basic Plan – $29/mo

First, the Shopify Basic plan is ideal if you run a small business that is new to Shopify or have a limited budget. The Basic plan includes an online store with access to free Shopify themes that you can easily customize to build your brand. This plan also includes inventory tracking from multiple locations. Locations can be a warehouse, office, brick and mortar store, or anywhere you store products. With the Basic plan, you can track inventory in up to four locations.

If you have staff and would like to create an individual login for them, then the Basic plan gives you two staff accounts with permissions that you can customize. In addition to finance reports, the Basic plan includes acquisition reports, behavior reports, and even a marketing report. This information can give you insights into your online store traffic to help you expand your business.

Shopify Plan – $70/mo

The next option is called the Shopify plan and is ideal for growing businesses. The Shopify plan includes five staff accounts and inventory tracking across five different locations. Through the Shopify plan, you get access to lower credit card and transaction rates than the Basic plan. The Shopify plan is best if you’re experiencing an increase in sales to offset these fees with lower rates.

The Shopify plan includes all the features from your Basic plan and gives you greater insight into your sales trends with access to more reports. These reports include a website cart analysis to understand shopping behavior, and reports covering sales, retail sales, and profit. There’s also more in-depth marketing reports to understand if campaigns and activities helped generate traffic and sales, and customer reports highlighting average order and expected purchase values.

Advanced Plan – $299/mo

The next option is the Advanced plan. This plan is a great option if your business handles high order volume, and if you want to use analytics to look for new growth opportunities. The Advanced plan contains all the Shopify plan features and has lower credit card rates and transaction fees than both the Basic and Shopify plan.

The Advanced plan also comes with 15 staff accounts and can track inventory across 8 locations. You also get access to carrier-calculated shipping, to display your shipping carrier’s negotiated rates at checkout. This is especially valuable if you live in an area that is not eligible for Shopify Shipping. Finally, the Advanced plan includes Custom reports. This allows you to modify default reports and create custom reports using Shopify’s filtering and editing features.

Shopify Plus Plan – $2000+ /mo

Lastly, The Shopify Plus plan is the enterprise solution. Shopify plus is the right choice if your business has high volume sales, you have a large social media following, you work with well-known influencers, or if you’re ready to scale globally with stores in many different countries. With Shopify Plus, you can access an enhanced admin to manage all of your stores from one location. You also get the tools to automate your most complex processes and manual tasks across stores and apps.

Some other great features include a customizable checkout, expansion stores, unlimited staff accounts, access to exclusive APIs, and much more. At Shopify Plus, you also have dedicated support to get you online faster and access the merchant success program to help define your business goals, and so you always get the most out of the platform.

Now that you have an overview of Shopify’s Plans and features, we hope it provides you with more confidence to choose the right plan for your business!