Best 20 Dropshipping Niches in 2021

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Best 20 Dropshipping Niches in 2020

In today’s article, I’m going to talk about 20 dropshipping niches that you can start selling in 2021. If you’re new to dropshipping, a niche is like a category of the store, and if you’re dropshipping with Shopify, Spocket and Oberlo, you get to choose what to sell, and therefore you get to choose what category you want to sell in. However, just because you can choose doesn’t mean that choosing is easy.

Choosing the right niche takes some research, but we did that for you. So if you’re looking for something to sell in 2021 but aren’t sure what niche to sell in, we’ve got 2021 vision on what’s trending with this list of 20 dropshipping niches.

We’ve got 20 dropshipping niches to go through today and so I’m not going to waste a whole lot of time with it intro I want to let you know how we organized this article. We’re going to go through several broad dropshipping niches like Men’s clothing & accessories and Home & Garden. Then within those, I will share some sub-niches. These niches are a little bit more narrow than a broad category like men’s clothing and accessories, but that’s exactly why I recommend them. Because these dropshipping niches are more narrow, it’s easier to find your target audience and sell to them.

Clothing & Accessories Dropshipping Niches

1. Tech-Friendly Fitness Clothes

The first niche I recommend you sell in in 2021 is tech-friendly fitness clothes. There’s been a big boom in fitness apps lately, and these apps have gotten sophisticated. So more and more people are bringing their phones to their workouts so that they can follow their favourite fitness influencers workout plans, track their calories burned, and things like that. The way to target this market is to find clothing that makes it easier to work out with your phone next to you.

Clothing & Accessories Dropshipping Niches

One good example of something to sell in this niche are these gym shorts with a hidden pocket for cell phones. Products like these are great because they help people who love to work out and use fitness apps on their phones to do both at the same time without the apps and the phone getting in the way of the workout.

I’m categorizing this niche in the clothing and accessories niche, but you could also consider it health and fitness. You can find clothes for man that help them carry their phones into the gym as well. It’s your call if you want this to be a men’s clothing and accessories store or a fitness store.

If you’re just getting started with Shopify and Spocket, and you feel like you’re going to miss out on some Black Friday sales because you don’t have your store up, that’s no reason not to start. Start building a store in the fitness and wellness niche and then go hard with advertising in January, February and March.

2. Shield Sunglasses

The next niche that I recommend selling is shield sunglasses. It’s not often that I recommend selling sunglasses in your dropshipping store because it’s easy for consumers to walk into any men’s clothing and accessories store in the mall and find sunglasses there.

Shield Sunglasses Oberlo

The reason that I’m suggesting these is two-fold.

  1. This style of sunglasses is definitely trending, so you know that you’re hopping on a trend that you can use Instagram influencers to promote.
  2. It’s tough to search for specific designs in those big-box stores. Think about it if a customer sees a design of sunglasses that they love they’re going to want to buy it then if they think it’s going to be challenging to find that unique pair of sunglasses in a store.

The key to selling products in this niche is to find stylistic Instagram influencers, unique designs to sell them.

3. Crossbody Bags

The last niche that I recommend selling within men’s clothing and accessories is the crossbody bag niche. Just like those shield sunglasses, the crossbody bag is something that many fashion magazines are expecting to blow up in the new year.

Sell Crossbody bags online

There are different angles that you can sell these bags. They can be stylistic, or they can be functional, something that helps men carry all their stuff around with them.

Health & Wellness Dropshipping Niches

Let’s move categories and talk about the health and wellness category and some dropshipping niches that you should sell in in 2021 in this category.

4. Sound Bathing

I know this sounds weird, but I see it pop up all over the place. There was an article in Harper’s Bazaar that noted almost a 300% increase in searches for sound bathing. This is a new AG thing, and so one of the things that you can do if you sell in this niche is creating content explaining what it is and how people can use your products to experience the healing benefits of sound bathing.

Sound bathing niche

A product that I particularly like for this is singing bowls. The great thing about these bowls is that they come with beautiful youtube videos that you can use to help advertise and explain what these singing bowls do.

5. Sleep

The next niche in the health and wellness category is a niche that I think is going to explode, and there’s tons of potential for dropshippers to get creative. People are spending a lot more time thinking about how they can get better sleep, and big brands are going after this market. Just because there are big brands in this market doesn’t mean you can’t carve out a place for yourself as well. Because a lot of these big brands are selling things like textiles or mattresses.

Dropshipping sleeping niche

You’re not going to dropship mattresses anyway. What you want to do is key in on this concern for a better night sleep and figure out what accessories you can sell to help customers solve the problem of tossing and turning at night. Those accessories can range from pillows like this one to anti-snore devices.

Anti-snore devices were a huge seller in 2018. A device like that can definitely come back, but I bring this up to show you what a problem bad night’s sleep is and how desperate customers are to solve it. Where there are customers desperate to solve a problem, there are money-making opportunities for you.

6. Swimming

Another health and wellness niche that’s worth exploring is swimming. Yes, you can sell swim trunks and bikinis that’s true, but I’m thinking more about swimming as a fitness niche. More and more classes are popping up in this space and swimming is great because it’s low-impact so people with injuries can turn to swim to start building their strength in a way that’s safe for their joints.

Sell Swim resistant gloves

Accessories like these swim resistant gloves are cheap for you to sell and help customers who have an interest in swimming get more out of their workouts. What’s great is a sport like swimming is fairly easy to target on Facebook so it won’t be hard for you to find your target market and get started with these accessories.

7. Portion Control Accessories

The last niche that I recommend in the health and wellness category is portion control accessories. This again is going to be one of those dropshipping niches that have much potential in the new year when people are paying more attention to their diets.

You don’t ever want to dropship ingestible so no detox teas, no pills, nothing like that. By the way, while we are on the subject of things not to dropship, make sure that as you’re choosing products for your store no matter the niche, you stay within some parameters for your legal liabilities and the safety of your customers as well.

You can watch this video here for the full list of products not to dropship in 2021.

If this is niche to interest you, I like this portion control tool. I’m not sure what to call it, and that’s a good thing because it means there’s much room for you to be creative and brand; this is your thing.

As you’re trying to advertise this product be creative with the problem that you highlight. For example, list out the number of calories in popular dishes and then list out calories and healthy portions of those dishes and do the math in the Facebook ad copy. People stop scrolling when they see numbers.

Kids & Babies Dropshipping Niches

8. Snack Accessories for Kids

If you want to sell products related to children and babies, remember that you are selling to parents. So what you want to do is think about what the parents are interested in. Just as parents are concerned about their healthy eating habits, they’re also concerned about the healthy eating habits of their children.

More and more frequently parents are actually making their own baby food or trying to have more control over what their children eat rather than relying on whatever snacks are at hand when they’re out shopping for example. That’s why a product like this is so great. It helps parents prep snacks and meals for their children so that they can make sure that their children are eating healthy the whole time.

dropshipping niches Snack Accessories for Kids

If you sell something like this or if you get into the healthy children eating niche, content is a great marketing tool. Come up with recipes or lists of tasty snacks and promote them on Facebook, on Instagram even on Reddit or some creative places.

The beautiful thing about content is you’re not quite selling anything. So it’s easier to play by the rules on sites like Reddit and Facebook communities by sharing your content.

9. Gender-neutral Nursery Decor

The other niche I recommend within the kids and baby category is nursery decor. But not just any nursery decor, I recommend gender-neutral nursery decor. Nowadays, parents are much more conscious about gender neutrality, and that goes all the way into the furniture and accessories that they’re buying for their children’s rooms.

Now, you’re dropshipping, and you don’t want to dropship big bulky items. It’s not practical, and it’s not profitable. Instead, go for effortless accessories. I love these accessories because they look elegant and clean.

Gender-neutral Nursery Decor

As you see here, you can drape them overcoat hooks, or you can even nail them to the wall. You can tell parents your ideas for how they can use these accessories to warm up their nursery in a gender-neutral way.

Another great thing about this niche is that you’re targeting parents who like to spend money on their kids. However, you are not asking them to spend their money on anything that could be a liability for you.

For example, you’re not selling them car seats where parents are entrusting your product to protect their children, and you’re not selling anything that kids could put in their mouths. So this is an excellent category to sell in if you want to sell to parents, but you want to be safe about it.

10. Pet Memorial

What if you want to sell to people who have fur babies instead of or in addition to real babies. I can’t blame because the pet industry is huge, and tons of dropshippers have found lots of success selling within it.

Pet Memorial

I know it’s kind of sad to think about pets dying but what you can do with pet memorial products like this one helps owners remember and honour the memory of their beloved pets. I think because this is a sad product, not many dropshippers touch it. Still, if you can do so in a way that’s tasteful and joyous and talking about memories and not talking about death, then there’s much money to be made here because you can even sell customized products in this dropshipping niches.

I don’t see many dropshippers going in this direction, so if you’re willing to be creative, then I think you can make a couple of sales here.

Home & Kitchen Dropshipping Niches

11. Kids Birthday Decor

dropshipping niches  Kids Birthday Decor

Parents are under much pressure to host Pinterest worthy birthday parties for their children. What I love about this niche is AliExpress has started to put together these party kits where people can buy one product or in this case you can sell one product that’s a bundle of everything parents would need to host; such as a safari themed birthday party.

The real problem that you’re solving is one of time. Time and frustration. Because parents know that they can go to the store and try to pick out all the different elements, so the different straws, the plates, the balloons and everything to put together a thematic party, but that sounds like a giant headache.

So what you’re doing here is giving parents the ability to provide their children with a fun birthday party. However you are saving them the trip to that big-box store, you’re saving them time and giving them much inspiration on how to host a fun party along the way.

The cool thing about this niche too is that there are tons of seasonal sale opportunities. So if a parent is planning a birthday party in the winter maybe there’s a different snow theme, if it’s in the summer it’s probably a beach theme, so you’ll have new and fresh products to promote that are seasonal and very relevant throughout the year.

12. Luxury Dining Sets

The second niche I recommend in the home and decor category are luxury dining sets. Now many home decor magazines are predicting that this trend of luxury is going to continue into 2021 and pick up speed.

Luxury Dining Sets

So now’s the time to sell those gold dipped forks and other nice touches that make everyday dining experiences feel a little bit more glamorous.

Women’s Fashion & Accessories Dropshipping Niches

On the subject of glamour, let’s move into the women’s fashion and accessories category, and in this category, a niche that I’m excited about for 2021 is face jewellery.

13. Face Jewellery

We don’t know what to call it whether its face jewellery or face crystals. So if we don’t know what to call it you guys can make it up; think a perfect name, buy the domain, and you can own this space.

Face Jewellery

If you sell these, then try targeting people who love the show Euphoria. A character in Euphoria wears a lot of these face crystals, and it’s been inspiring lots of trending face crystals on Instagram, TikTok and other social media categories. When you sell a product like this, I highly highly recommend that you also give people content to let them know what kind of patterns they can experiment with as they apply these face crystals or jewellery.

How to Start Selling Jewellery Online

14. Statement Jewellery

The other niche in the women’s fashion and accessories category is statement jewellery. Statement jewellery is enjoyable to shop for on Aliexpress because there’s a ton of variety here. Yes, I know jewellery is one of those things that people can go into a big-box store and buy but again when you’re talking about something as unique as statement jewellery you’re going to make people want to buy on the spot.

Statement jewellery

When people see a unique piece of jewellery, they’ll assume that they can’t find it anywhere else or at least that they don’t want to bother figuring out how to describe this piece of jewellery so they can search for it elsewhere.

15. Wide Belts

Wide Belts

Finally, the third dropshipping niches in the women’s clothing accessories category that is a high potential for 2021 is wide belts. We see wide belts pop up all over the media and the cool thing about these belts is that they give new life to oversized sweaters. So many customers in this niche will already have these oversized sweaters, and maybe they’re figuring out other ways to wear them, and that’s exactly where the wide belt comes into play.

It’s not only a trend, but it’s also kind of a thrifty cost-saving measure. It helps someone make two outfits out of what used to be one. So make sure you play up that fact in your ads.

Phone Accessories Dropshipping Niches

16. Creator Tools

Phone accessories are the next category we’re going to move into now and the niche within phone accessories that you should be thinking about is creator tools. TikTok is gaining popularity every month. A lot of you have asked how you can take advantage of TikTok to try to market on there. But that might not be the best way to think about using this platform. Because while there are a ton of people consuming TikTok’s content, there are also a ton of people who want to make it big on TikTok.

This is the crowd that you’re marketing to with creator accessories. What I mean by creator accessories is like selfie lights and other accessories that help people make excellent high-quality videos with their cell phones.

Creator Tools

If you did want to market this on TikTok, you could create before-and-after videos showing what a video looks like before using your creator accessories.

17. Phone Holders and Stands

The other niche that I’m excited about is phone holders and stands. I know you see these everywhere, but there are always new designs coming out, and there are still new phones coming out. 2021 will see the release of a lot of exciting new phones, and when people get these new phones, they’re going to want new accessories.

So it’s up to you to be savvy and time product releases with those new phone releases so that you take advantage of those shoppers who want to freshen up their latest phone with an accessory that makes it easier to use that phone.

Phone Holders and Stands

Products like these are exactly what you want to keep your eye out for when you’re looking for the next big thing in the cellphone accessories market. Because this category of phone accessories isn’t going anywhere. So it’s up to you to find the fresh products and the audience that wants them and make the big bucks.

Bonus Dropshipping Niches

The last three dropshipping niches I recommend for 2021 are kind of wild cards. They don’t really fall into a broad AliExpress category as the other ones do.

18. Llamas

The first niche that I recommend is llamas or alpacas. I think either one is doing pretty well, but Google Trends tells me llamas is the word that more people are searching for. OprahMag even asked if llamas are the new unicorns. This is an animal that’s getting much attention.

Llamas dropshipping niches

There are tons of accessories on Aliexpress in llama shapes from stuffed animals to party decor and more. This is one of those stores that you set up, and it’s effortless to know who your target audience is.

One thing that I would consider, though if selling within this niche is setting up a Facebook page or an Instagram community dedicated to llama lovers. Once you do that deliver content, not ads that feed that love of llamas it can be memes, it can be gifts, whatever get people talking.

Once you’ve built that community, that’s when you go in with products that you know this community will love. This tactic takes much time, but it’s free. So, if you’re on a budget and have not much money put much time, consider this marketing tactic for this niche.

How to Get Free Traffic to Shopify Dropshipping Store

For the last two dropshipping niches, two movies are coming out in 2021 that you need to know about because they will provoke buying frenzies.

19. Magical Creatures

The first one is a movie called Onward, and it’s a Disney Pixar film that has pretty much every magical creature you can imagine, from elves to unicorns and everything in between. Now, you don’t want to sell anything copywritten however there is a lot of magical woodland creature stuff on Aliexpress.

Best 20 Dropshipping niches 2021

So what you can do is build a store with fun accessories or home decor items that fit this magic woodland creatures theme and then target people who love and are excited about this film.

Will this store have legs beyond 2021 I don’t know, but this is a fresh opportunity to make some money off of what is going to be a really hot trend and get used to riding trends and building that instant memento that trend spring.

20. Gadgets

Finally, the last niche that I think is going to blow up in 2021 is this spy gadgets niche. That’s because we’ve got a new James Bond film coming out next year. Build your store and again avoid anything with copywritten stuff on it. But put things in it that a James Bond fan would appreciate.

Dropshipping gadgets niche

This includes sell things like spy gadgets or even things with the Union Jack British flag on it.bAnything that reminds people of the James Bond brand without explicitly being about the James Bond brand.


All right, that’s it for our list of 20 dropshipping niches that you can start dropshipping in 2021. Let me know in the comments below if you plan to start selling in any of these niches or if you’re already selling in these dropshipping niches. I’d love to hear from you, and I will respond with my thoughts.

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Dayo Olobayo
Dayo Olobayo
3 years ago

Hello Richard, Let me thank you for coming up with this blog to address issues on dropshipping especially for beginners. I’ve learnt a lot from here. But I need your help. As a beginner I don’t what niche to venture in. I’ve read your articles on Niches and even clicked on links you suggested but I’m still unable to choose one. Even though I’m interested in Jewelries and Watches, I still don’t know if it’s a steady and profitable niche. You are an expert in dropshipping. Could you please recommend 3 niches that will stay profitable in year 2020? I’d… Read more »

3 years ago

Thanks for the article. Really helpful for those who want to start a new business or want to expand their wallets like me.

carlos figueira
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The statement jewelry seems like the ideal niche — inexpensive, excellent variety of lightweight, unbreakable items. My difficulty is on deciding if I should go with Shopify or set up a website through Bluehost. In the long run, which one is the least expensive to operate?

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